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The Liskov Substitution Principle

The Liskov Substitution Principle (or LSP) is one of the SOLID Principles, originally expressed by Barbara Liskov in 1988[BL1].
Although the authoritative sources express it in more formal language (see “Formally” below), it may be summarized as:

Clients of a Supertype S should be able to use instances of a Subtype T, without knowing it, and without undesired results.

Interestingly, the LSP is a Semantic principle, rather than a Syntactic one: as we can see in some examples (eg: “The Square/Rectangle Problem” below) the syntax of a language may be respected while breaking the LSP.

Square and Rectangle
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11 Ways to Become Better

I stumbled upon a couple of articles which you may loosely categorize under Leadership or Management. Although I can’t say they are quite earth-shattering, I found they resonated well with my personal experience.

I recommend taking a look at them, if you’re the introspective sort (if you aren’t, I recommend adding Introspect to the list). One of the two focuses on being a better Team Player, so no managerial experience is required.

Teamwork Dogs
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Intel shows working Hybrid PC with Broadwell

With Haswell on the market, Intel’s rumor mill starts turning more seriously towards its next micro-architecture, code-named Broadwell. Intel demonstrated for the first time a Broadwell-based PC yesterday, at the ongoing Intel Developer Forum (IDF13). According to the Intel “Tick-Tock” cadence, Broadwell would represet a “tick” (shrinking of the manufacturing process for the previous architecture).

Intel CPU
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AMD GPU Volcanic Islands Renamed to Rx-200

AMD Radeon Graphics Badge
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