Scythe Kaze Chrono Multifunctional Fan Controller

Here’s a new fan controller that tries to capture a throwback feel (those gargantuan LCD blocks!), and give you a little bit of extra value: the Scythe Kase Chrono.

Scythe Kaze Chrono

The extra value comes from the fact that the controller is multifunctional:

  • Display temperatures (4 sensors, °F/°C)
  • Display and Control Fan RPM (up to 4 fans)
  • Audio alarm for excessive temps
  • Spin-Up Voltage: gives a full 12V kick to all fans at start-up
  • Display the current time (I told you it had some extra value!)
  • Power Feed Control cuts off power to any fan that stays at 0 RPM for 10+ seconds (ok, this is more interesting, no?)

I expect I’m not the only one wondering about the brightness of that monster LCD display – and I already checked the details: the brightness is adjustable to 4 distinct settings (yay!).

Scythe’s Kaze Chrono Official Product Page
Via Tom’s Hardware


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