AMD GPU Volcanic Islands Renamed to Rx-200

AMD Radeon Graphics Badge
For those looking at the upcoming releases of hardware components, the next family of AMD GPUs has been quite the source of speculation; pretty much everything beyond the codename has been rumored and debated, and.. well, rumored some more. Apparently, we are getting closer to some release though, so the latest round of tidbits might prove to be on target.. maybe?

What we’re talking about, of course, is the Volcanic Islands family of GPUs, which is the expected successor of the… well, there starts the confusion.
Let’s see… originally there was the Southern Islands series (aka: Radeon HD 7000 Series), manufactured with a 28nm process, and we expected the Volcanic Islands to be its successor (HD 8000 series), with a 28nm process as well, to hit the market in 2013.
Then, we found out that the HD 8000 series was instead a re-badge of the HD 7000 series, and we started speculating of Volcanic Islands as the HD 9000 series.
The most recent news is that we might indeed see this new series in 2013, at the expected launch in Hawaii, but the manufacturing process is a 20nm one and the names would be based on a new scheme: Radeon Rx 200.

For those keeping score, we should give Caesar Charlie Leo Yim and SemiAccurate the credit they deserve, as they told us about the new naming scheme back in June (!).

The latest information seems to come from (linking a TechPowerUp GPU-Z Validation), which explains the rumored new scheme (Print this one out and keep it handy as cheat sheet for the next couple of years):

  • R9: for high-end parts
  • R8 through R5: other segments (in decreasing order of performance)
  • Series Indicator: the Volcanic island series should be the 200 (or 2xx) in the new scheme, and the series number will go up by 1 (or 100) with each generation
  • Model Number: the last two digits will indicate the model (eg: 90, as in the old HD 7990, will presumably appear in an R9 290 card)
  • Mobile: cards intended for the mobile segment should receive an M indicator between the Rx-prefix and the Series indicator (eg: R9 M200)
  • Other possible segment indicators: for other segments, we may see other letters interjected between the Rx-prefix and the series/model postfix (eg: R9 I200 for Integrated graphics)

Finally, it seems this new Rx-200 (or Rx 200, or R 200, we’ll see what nomenclature the industry will choose to adopt) will include some re-badged parts from the Southern Islands Cape Verde set.

Ok, I, for one, will be happy when this family hits the market, regardless of the actual performance, just so that the Volcanic Islands naming lotto will be over.


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