Intel shows working Hybrid PC with Broadwell

With Haswell on the market, Intel’s rumor mill starts turning more seriously towards its next micro-architecture, code-named Broadwell. Intel demonstrated for the first time a Broadwell-based PC yesterday, at the ongoing Intel Developer Forum (IDF13). According to the Intel “Tick-Tock” cadence, Broadwell would represet a “tick” (shrinking of the manufacturing process for the previous architecture).

Intel CPU

Keep in mind that the timeline for Broadwell has been quite foggy, with tentative market splash rumored in 2014 (later replaced by a refresh of Haswell), and 2015 (colliding with the expected Skylake line). It seems the market date is solidfying towards H2’14.

Xbit reports:

On Tuesday Intel Corp. for the first time demonstrated its next-generation Core i-series 5000-sequence “Broadwell” microprocessors in action publicly. […]
[The microprocessor was]
made using 14nm process technology with tri-gate transistors. The next-generation chips are on track to begin production by the end of this year […]

The forthcoming chips are projected to hit the market in the second half of 2014.

Also, Intel confirmed they plan to target the mobile sector (tablets, smartphones, etc..) through the upcoming Atom “Airmont” microarchitecture (also produced via 14nm process), rather than using Broadwell-based models.


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