Faëria Analysis 2: Faëria Production

One of the steps I made in Faëria Analysis 1 was that of equating somehow the Gold and Faëria costs for the cards in the pool. This was clearly a simplification, and a few people correctly pointed out it was probably too optimistic.

Lucky me, Printenhart was already working in a similar vein, and he shared with the rest of the community his excellent Power/Life Number Crunching analysis. Furthermore, during his work for that analysis, Printenhart sat down and saved me a lot of time by researching the spawning of Faëria, which he later shared in the Basic Resource Income Overview thread.

In an effort to improve on my earlier analysis, I found the time to sit down myself and review his findings. Essentially, here’s the shortest version:

  • 4 Faëria spawn each Morning
  • You can think of it as 1.333.. Faëria per turn
  • On an even board that means 0.666.. Faëria per Game Turn

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Faëria Analysis 1

Faëria is a Strategy Card Game under development by Abrakam.
You can find out more on Faëria.net, and their Kickstarter campaign. If you enjoy board games or card games, I recommend backing them up (there is also a campaign on Steam’s Project Greenlight you can help with).
This is not an introduction to the game, so I will assume you are familiar with it and the basic mechanics. Rather, I wanted to take a deeper look at the numbers in the current card-pool.
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InWin Tòu Case

I noticed this story in September, when this interesting PC enclosure was first announced. Now we have an official release, so it’s a good time to point it out.

InWin has released their Tòu case, supporting up to ATX mobo, 380mm GPUs, 220mm PSUs, 1x optical drive, 3x 3.5″ drives, 2x 2.5″ drives, with 4x 120mm fans (and ready for a 360mm radiator)… but, more importantly, showcasing transparent ‘glass’ panels that turn opaque (with a mirror effect) when your PC is off. Yes, you read right. Because. We. Can. That’s why.

In moving images, from InWin on youtube:

InWin Retail page
hat_tip to Tom’s Hardware