Lian Li DK01 Prototype

The Desk Enclosures Are Coming! and you can’t say I didn’t warn you.
Lian Li posted pictures of a PC Case/Enclosure/Chassis/DESK by the name of DK01 over on TwekTown Forums – and if you’re wondering what I mean by PC Case/Enclosure/Chassis/Desk, here’s a thousand words:

The DK01 Prototype:

It’s a Prototype, so stop drooling all over it already! It is Constructed mostly out of aluminum, but has a brushed aluminum finish, and you can read the specs in the image to the side (Hey! If they can just share an image without typing all the specs for accessibility, why should I?).

The LEDs, glass cover and monitor mounts are planned but not included. Actually, I hope we’ll see a non-glass version for those that don’t wants LEDs and lights to shine through their papers..
There’s space for 14 drives and 10 expansion cards.. oh, and 7 120mm fans!
The front of the desk includes built-ins: lock, power button, mic and audio jacks, 4x USB 3.0 ports!

The Case for Desk Cases:

All right so. There’s no price sticker attached to this prototype so I can’t make precise arguments here. I’ve seen this sort of PC Chassis before, and the prices have not been what most people would categorize as cheap, sorry. The best example is the Cross Desk by Red Harbringer, which I hope everyone will givew the proper credits to as this market sector expands (at least because they had what I think was the first product to market, instead of one-off custom mods or prototypes, and because they did an astounding job with it!). I mean: look at it!
You can drool on this one and yell ‘SHUTUP AND TAKE MY MONEY’ – we all did.

However you should not compare the price of these chassis with those of standard PC enclosures, nor with those of average desks.
After all, these PC Desks might be the last desk you will ever need (ok, I said ever and that means I’m technically wrong, I know).
So these Desk Chassis are actually going to be appealing to more people than you’d think. Both the traditional PC modder and the guy going for a more interesting setup are going to want this. But I think there is a good case for certain work environments as well (although the price point will play a major role in that sub-sector).

What We Need:

A better name for this class of enclosures! PC Desk may be too close to Doordesk (which, I am sure you have heard of, and seen before, right?).
Deskclosure and Deskcase feel awkward.
If I had to guess, someone in some Marketing department is sweating bullets on this one.

Hat Tip to Tom’s Hardware.


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