Faëria Analysis 3: Cost Normalization

As a follow-up to my original Faëria Analysis 1, and the details about Faëria Production in Faëria Analysis 2, let’s see if we can come up with a reasonable approach to normalize the Costs of a Faëria card.
As you know, cards specify cost in term of three basic resources: Gold (G), Faëria (F), and Lands (L) (although we will analyze Faëria last). Another resource we should use below is the Action Points (AP), of which you receive 3 at the beginning of your Player Turn [Note].

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Faëria Analysis 2: Faëria Production

One of the steps I made in Faëria Analysis 1 was that of equating somehow the Gold and Faëria costs for the cards in the pool. This was clearly a simplification, and a few people correctly pointed out it was probably too optimistic.

Lucky me, Printenhart was already working in a similar vein, and he shared with the rest of the community his excellent Power/Life Number Crunching analysis. Furthermore, during his work for that analysis, Printenhart sat down and saved me a lot of time by researching the spawning of Faëria, which he later shared in the Basic Resource Income Overview thread.

In an effort to improve on my earlier analysis, I found the time to sit down myself and review his findings. Essentially, here’s the shortest version:

  • 4 Faëria spawn each Morning
  • You can think of it as 1.333.. Faëria per turn
  • On an even board that means 0.666.. Faëria per Game Turn

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Faëria Analysis 1

Faëria is a Strategy Card Game under development by Abrakam.
You can find out more on Faëria.net, and their Kickstarter campaign. If you enjoy board games or card games, I recommend backing them up (there is also a campaign on Steam’s Project Greenlight you can help with).
This is not an introduction to the game, so I will assume you are familiar with it and the basic mechanics. Rather, I wanted to take a deeper look at the numbers in the current card-pool.
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