Lian Li DK01 Prototype

The Desk Enclosures Are Coming! and you can’t say I didn’t warn you.
Lian Li posted pictures of a PC Case/Enclosure/Chassis/DESK by the name of DK01 over on TwekTown Forums – and if you’re wondering what I mean by PC Case/Enclosure/Chassis/Desk, here’s a thousand words:
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InWin Tòu Case

I noticed this story in September, when this interesting PC enclosure was first announced. Now we have an official release, so it’s a good time to point it out.

InWin has released their Tòu case, supporting up to ATX mobo, 380mm GPUs, 220mm PSUs, 1x optical drive, 3x 3.5″ drives, 2x 2.5″ drives, with 4x 120mm fans (and ready for a 360mm radiator)… but, more importantly, showcasing transparent ‘glass’ panels that turn opaque (with a mirror effect) when your PC is off. Yes, you read right. Because. We. Can. That’s why.

In moving images, from InWin on youtube:

InWin Retail page
hat_tip to Tom’s Hardware

Intel shows working Hybrid PC with Broadwell

With Haswell on the market, Intel’s rumor mill starts turning more seriously towards its next micro-architecture, code-named Broadwell. Intel demonstrated for the first time a Broadwell-based PC yesterday, at the ongoing Intel Developer Forum (IDF13). According to the Intel “Tick-Tock” cadence, Broadwell would represet a “tick” (shrinking of the manufacturing process for the previous architecture).

Intel CPU
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AMD GPU Volcanic Islands Renamed to Rx-200

AMD Radeon Graphics Badge
For those looking at the upcoming releases of hardware components, the next family of AMD GPUs has been quite the source of speculation; pretty much everything beyond the codename has been rumored and debated, and.. well, rumored some more. Apparently, we are getting closer to some release though, so the latest round of tidbits might prove to be on target.. maybe? Continue reading